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THE [204] DESIGN COLLECTIVE: building new structures

The [204] Design Collective is an environmental design group that exposes inequality by bringing their own building blocks to the foundation, for the construction process amplifies voices, while engaging with the world. Ola and the [204] get into The Fold for a global chat over Google Hangouts to discuss their alternative approach, project repertoire, educational vacations, and supportive work methods. 

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ISO RADIO | BARE SELECTION : community at the controls

ISO Radio founders, Jayemkayem and Freeza Chin, unfold to discuss the UK trip that inspired it all, their complementary skills, developing their Bare Selection record label to cross the pond through sonics, and resources that can help bring people and platforms into The Fold.

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SYZYGY TORONTO: gathering contrasts

Syzygy Toronto is a reflection of its founders. The word, Syzygy, is defined as “a union of opposites.” Attend one of their gatherings and you will witness a celebration of contrasts amongst self-identifying womxn, who seek greater connection, in a space that breaks barriers. For this International Women’s Day episode, the team and I get into The Fold of Syzygy’s special bond, innovative practice and what’s in store for 2019.

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