TREE OF STARS: Branching out


Jessica Compton

is rooted.

Her resources are the branches that extend to communities local and beyond. Compassion is the foundation of her garden. Tree Of Stars is her sandbox, where she builds opportunities for all to shine.

Jessica was the first person to reach out to me with interest in being on the podcast, and I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm and positive energy. Her organization promotes mental health awareness and addictions recovery through storytelling, music and art workshops in safe, inclusive spaces. With over 15 years of experience as a Child and Youth Care Worker and Educational Assistant, Jessica infuses her professional background and natural creativity to unearth people’s talents and inspire healing.


With stems from her own story of catharsis through abuse, addiction, and time in provincial, North Bay and Parry Sound jails, Jessica is proof we can all flourish – it all starts with seeds of support. We get into the Fold to discuss Tree of Stars’ diverse programming, collaboration and change needed for communities to thrive.

On Saturday, August 17, Tree Of Stars is hosting an event at Third Space Cafe with 15 different musicians, raffles, food, coming together to raise fund to educate the employees at third space on mental health, addictions, and homelessness. Funds will be raised to serve soup in this cafe with the free coffee they provide, with 100% of proceeds towards Third Space.

As of July, Jessica decided to take a hiatus from Tree Of Stars - on this decision, she notes: Self care is more than connecting with community & collaborating resources. It's making sure you are your own rock and that you make sure your okay. Nobody in this world will ever do that for you but you.

Thank you, Jessica, for being authentically you.

Amendment: In the intro, Ola notes “life in prison”, however, Jessica has been out for a long time - to clarify, she has experienced time in provincial, North Bay and Parry Sound jails.

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