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MAKE ROOM | THE SPACE PROJECT : unfolding in the frame

Make Room is a Toronto-based non-profit is holding space for artists, helping them to grow, removing labels and breaking barriers to creativity. In this episode, Ola gets into The Fold with founder, Trevor Twells, to discuss the project’s evolution, his diverse career background, Toronto’s indie art community and how we can foster collaboration with a wider lens.

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ISO RADIO | BARE SELECTION : community at the controls

ISO Radio founders, Jayemkayem and Freeza Chin, unfold to discuss the UK trip that inspired it all, their complementary skills, developing their Bare Selection record label to cross the pond through sonics, and resources that can help bring people and platforms into The Fold.

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MAMALIA: growth in new spaces

Sonic Fold was honoured to be a part of ISO Radio’s inaugural International Women’s Day takeover on Saturday, March 9, 2019. Ola had an incredible catch-up chat with Mamalia - an artist she discovered while crate digging at Rough Trade Records in NYC three years ago. They discussed music, transitions, cultivating community when trying new things and the support womxn + non-binary people need in the process.

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