ISO RADIO | BARE SELECTION : community at the controls


The term ‘Pirate Radio’

can be associated with stolen signals; stations operated without a valid license, people taking over the airwaves.

Remove this label and look at the outcome; creative license, captivated audiences and cultivating connection through sound.  

ISO Radio is transcending the meaning of a movement with their community-driven platform in Toronto. Founders (and dear friends), Jayemkayem and Freeza Chin, are at the helm, merging their layered talent to build something from the ground up. 

Duty through DIY brings people together at ISO, where the team have developed a sundry lineup of DJs, artists, producers and podcasters. Like the playlists they spin at venues across the city, it’s a mixed bag; some have been doing this for years, others their first foray. For those in search of community, good music, and inspiring dialogue, you can find it at ISO.  

With a live chatroom and accessible studio, the invite is always open for people to hang, engage and explore their aural palate. While programmer shifts are always on rotation, so are Jay and Freeza. Hard work and supreme passion fuel this personal and professional partnership. It’s one of magic and a collective goal to foster unity, collaboration and growth within others. Wired with a unique vision, ISO Radio hasn’t stolen anything. They’re filling a void and giving back.

In this episode, we discuss the UK trip that inspired it all, Jayemkayem and Freeza’s complementary skills, developing their Bare Selection record label to cross the pond through sonics, and resources that can help bring people and platforms into The Fold.


Featured Tracks:
Fear No One - Manga Saint Hilare, Mitch 7 (Buy and Stream)
Ironborn - K-Notes (Buy and Stream)

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  • ISO Radio On Site #2 - Saturday, June 8 at The Shop (1566 Queen Street West) - Info & RSVP

  • Raven’s Vision (ISO Radio) at Pride 2019 - Friday, June 21 (Fido South Stage at Church and Gould) - Info & RSVP