SOMEWHERELSE: creating without compromise


Experiencing events in your own city can feel

familiar, foreign, new and old.

For Somewherelse, you might tap into these emotions, and beyond. The Toronto-based company with international impact lives up to its name, embodying an otherworldly vibe, exploring communities far and wide, all within radius of your own.


Above the noise and chaos of social media, consumerism and materialistic realms, Somewherelse invites audiences to tap into human connection through live music, art, performance and creative approaches to brand partnerships. While inspiring people to revisit what brings them joy, in safe, inclusive spaces.

Projects are manifestations of a team that brings a breadth of knowledge and experiences to the table; from Co-Founder and Creative Director, Anna Wiesen, and her knack for the arts and sustainable workplace practice, Artist Management and A&R Kalyn Fantasia’s conscious approach to engaging with diverse communities through compassion and sound, to Finance Manager and DJ, George Davies, whose strategic approach to infrastructure is balanced with an intention to create meaningful connections.


The walks of life in the boardroom reflect that in their chosen venues, where you’re transported somewhere else through sights, sounds, people and emotions. It’s all energy in their nebulous network, that is not hopeful, but future-driven and confident that positive change can result from community collaboration, and creating without compromise. 

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Anna, Kalyn and George about Somewherelse’s innovative vision, foundation and the recipe for a team that brings people into #TheFold. 


Featured Tracks:
The Reminder - a l l i e
Can’t Stop Now - Allie X

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