TANYA MOK: Documenting community with compassion and purpose


How cool,

to be able to call one of your favourite journalists, one of your best friends?

It’s the truth for me, as Tanya Mok has always been a huge inspiration in not only my career, but my life. The journalist and multifaceted creative from Toronto has always brought innovative vision to the table. Now, she shares this with the communities around her.

Years of freelance writing, documentary production, creative collective collabs and partnerships have brought her to where she is today: an active and vital role in Toronto media as a journalist at blogTO – an essential, accessible city guide for locals and visitors alike.

Amidst heavily curated lists and news features highlighting the city’s quirks and qualms, Tanya looks beyond stereotypical coverage to bring community issues to the forefront. Reno-victions, the housing crises, legendary eateries and century-old establishments that have maintained the spirit of the city. But what about those who don’t always have a voice or space to share what’s really going on? Tanya steps out onto the streets, speaks with people, learns about lives and shares stories with intention, passion and purpose.

Tanya and I have been in The Fold throughout our friendship, and I’m grateful for that. This time around, we delve into it in a whole new way to explore her Toronto upbringing, incredible work ethic and storytelling method, city issues in focus and how we can show up for our community, and one another, with compassion, understanding and a vibrant lens.


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Coffee shop:
Merchants of Green - 2 Matilda Street

Snack (right now):
Stuffed jerk patties from Tropical Joe’s (1000 Gerrard Street East)

Spot to chill:
Underpass Park (29 Lower River Street)

Nature walk:
Moore Park Ravine (205 Moore Avenue)
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Plaza Latina - 9 Milvan Drive
(but Peanut Plaza will always be home) - 3000 Don Mills Road East
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