CUCCI: cultivating community through cannabis


Like earthy green flowers,

Hannah Nakawatase has bloomed.

With CUCCI CUCCI CUCCI, she is creating a community by self-identified womxn, for womxn and non-binary folk, each person acting as a petal, embracing cannabis, like raw papers wrapped around kush.

Hannah’s innate entrepreneurial sense, eye for style, knack for strategy and unique ideas mold each CUCCI event and program like wax. Collaborating with artists, producers, wellness practitioners, cutting edge brands and safe city spaces, Hannah dabs into the process every step of the way.

What’s even more powerful, is her passion for stirring the pot to inspire change. CUCCI is where cannabis and the divine feminine meet, setting the patriarchy ablaze, one toke at a time.

In this 4/20 episode, Hannah and I discuss the seeds of the CUCCI community, and how race, identity, accessibility, dialogue and inclusion fan the flame that brings people into the fold.


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Wide Open Ocean - Clear Mortifee

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