DAWA APOTHECARY: the roots of wellness


Sulafa Silim

is an administrator.

Not behind a desk of a corporation, but of her own platform – Dawa Apothecary. Beyond prescriptions and herbs, Dawa is her own medicine. The Arabic word, Dawa, can also refer to ‘welcoming’ someone into the Islam faith. For Sulafa, it’s an expansive community founded on healing and support.

Through innovative programming, outreach and consulting, Sulafa delivers a safe, inclusive space for womxn of colour to connect. Dawa programs are grounded by intention, open to any age, culture, gender or faith. Storytelling sessions, breaking bread and ice at brunches, stretching on a yoga mat or endorphin-boosting through movement are some of the ways Sulafa brings people together. Here, community members unpack and rediscover, unfold and dive deep, grow and transcend ideas around identity, health, wellness, and the human experience.

The magic behind Sulafa’s approach is comprised of her raw authenticity and vision to create meaningful moments in a setting often inaccessible or non-existent. It comes from a real place as Sulafa brings her lived experiences and roots into the mix.

It’s imparting wisdom, imparting space for womxn to feel their voices are valued

Sulafa holds an incredibly vast CV, humbly equating each career experience as a stepping stone, rather than a ladder. Perhaps the most stunning impact of Dawa is its domino effect, nurturing knowledge and change through its gatherings, spreading to various institutions and structures, rebuilding the framework.  

In this episode, Ola and Sulafa get into the Fold of Dawa’s foundation, heritage, the strong womxn in her life, showing up and making space for others.

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