SYZYGY TORONTO: gathering contrasts


Ideas in motion

often begin in transit.

For Syzygy Toronto, sparks flew on a train, and the results were much like the tracks against its wheels.

Marijke Large and Kailah Bharath joined forces to create Syzygy Toronto - a community that reflects who they are. The word, Syzygy, is defined as “a union of opposites.” Look around the room at one of their gatherings and you will witness a celebration of contrasts amongst self-identifying women, who seek greater connection, in a space that breaks barriers.

With their combined backgrounds in journalism, digital media, work in non-profit and charitable sectors, Marijke and Kailah share a strong balance of skills. The seasonal, themed events have delved into networking, social action, health and wellness, identity, race, sexuality, alignment between mind, body and soul. Syzygy delves deep into raw and often unexplored territory.

Whether engaging with speakers facilitating insightful discussion, enjoying food and drink from womxn-owned businesses and sharing ideas with like-minded individuals, the magic lives up to Syzygy’s name. Each gathering is proof that people of diverse backgrounds can create parallels, even when they are at odds with society.

The team and I get into The Fold of Syzygy’s layered, innovative practice and what’s in store for 2019. 



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“Piece By Piece” - Heartstreets
“Rise Up” - Liz Lokre

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