DUAL CITIZEN: for the culture


Marie Alcober

is on a journey
of rediscovery.

A talented storyteller and producer, I’ve known Marie since the first day of university, where we began our undergrad in a news class at the Ryerson School of Journalism. In our first exercise, Marie shared a moving story of trauma from her childhood in the Philippines. I’ll never forget listening to her retell a life-changing experience with so much courage, thinking, “Damn. Who is this woman?” I left class emotional that day, curious to know more about her story.

Eight years later, semesters of rigorous work and a friendship I hold very dear, Marie continues to inspire me. At present, it’s through her platform and documentary series, Dual Citizen. Through captivating visuals, awakening dialogue and unique perspectives, Marie and her team explore the eureka moments within the Filipinx Diaspora. Highlighting an array of subjects in various fields, Marie asks questions that she had previously explored in private spaces with friends. Yet, the interviews don’t necessarily produce answers. It’s a more reflective process, resulting in support, understanding and embracing one’s identity.

We sat down for a meal at Lamesa – a Toronto landmark that has been pushing the diaspora from time – to discuss Marie’s dual citizen upbringing, inspiration for the series, assurance vs. imposter syndrome, asking big questions, and the in-betweens when producing impactful, empowering work for a culture as a whole.


Recorded on site & photos taken at Lamesa - Salamat to Les and the entire team!
Note: please excuse any background noise - this was recorded in a very Anthony Bourdian-inspired setting, while I was in transition with my equipment and tech set-up.

Listen to the interview:

Us - Ruby Ibarra feat. Rocky Rivera, Klassy and Faith Santilla
Wildcat - a l l i e

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