is founded on collaboration, diversity and the intention
to cultivate meaningful connections within communities
- locally and globally -
through audible expression.



noun (1)

\ ˈfōld   \


a group of people or institutions that share a common faith, belief, activity, or enthusiasm

They felt welcome, and connected, upon discussing their journey
- they were brought into the fold.



The FOLD Podcast

engages listeners with an array of innovative, progressive changemakers from Toronto and around the world. Here, they share their unique stories, and how they have been able to accomplish personal growth and cultivate community - in every sense of the word.

It’s an inclusive sonic space for people to unfold, exploring the foundations of their work. It’s a chance to learn about how their personal journey is reflected in developing authentic connection and meaningful collaboration practices, bringing people into the fold.

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When you speak your truth with compassion and empathy, people understand who you are.”

/  Sulafa siliM - FOUNDER, dawa apothecarY  /


The Sound Services

Sonic Fold offers an array of services to support you with:

  • Artist connection and facilitation for all types of events

  • Brainstorming, ideas and development consultation for arts/creative/music related platforms

  • On The Mic - Panel moderation and live interviews

  • Event playlist curation and music selection

  • Cheering you on: general support and encouragement of your pursuits

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