CREATIVES CONNECT: Seat(s) at the table, space in the room


Rahel Beyene

is a missing link.

You learn this about her when she walks in a room. Introduces you to someone new. Recognizes and highlights your gifts. Pursues a new idea. Born and raised in Toronto, Rahel is a thread that weaves through the city’s fabric, showcasing creativity with meaningful opportunities to collaborate and share through her company, Creatives Connect.


Everyone has a seat at Rahel’s table. A consultant and project manager by trade, Rahel’s vision is vast; from illustrating at a young age to diving into the world of poetry, song writing and spoken word, she has given all her talents a voice, and activates them with the communities around her.  


Who eats at the table? Visual artists, entrepreneurs, tech innovators, musicians and producers, health and wellness practitioners, mentors and beyond. The meal is served family style; everyone shares knowledge from each dish, learning about the ingredients that make them unique.

In this episode of the Fold, Rahel and I discuss industry ecosystems worldwide, family matters, leading by example and how fusing focus with passion manifests magic.


Catch Creatives Connect at A3C in Atlanta on Friday, October 11 for their Toronto Takeover: